Meet the Team

The last few months at The Principle Trust have been a time of change.  With staff moving on, new staff arriving (Hi!) and a new Trustee it’s time to get you up to speed with who is involved with the charity now.

I’m Louise Rhodes. I joined The Principle Trust in November, as Marketing & Events Manager, after working for an events company in Skipton.  I have a varied background but absolutely love organising events, meeting new people and working towards something that makes a difference to other peoples’ lives not just mine.  I am 38, married with 2 kids (a boy and a girl) and live on the outskirts of Skipton.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family out and about, but give me a duvet and The Greatest Showman any day of the week and we’ll be friends forever!  Don’t forget the popcorn, Minstrels and a little glass of rose with lemonade though please!


Sally-Ann Greene is our new Fundraising & Partnership Manager and has been with the charity since September. Sally also studies a Masters Degree in Youth and Community Development, she strived to be in the charitable industry to perhaps be able to give something back to people that need a helping hand.  Sally has a little boy named Billy, he is 5 years old and a little cheeky chappy!  Sally spends time with family on weekends, enjoys games night and pizza making time! Don’t offer her chocolate though, she’d rather have cheese and crackers and doesn’t mind a small gin with bitter lemon on a night out.


Andrew Davies, was welcomed on board on 1st December as a Trustee for The Principle Trust Children’s Charity.  We thought we’d get to know him a little bit better, so asked some all important questions.

Trainers or shoes?  Shoes

Which football team do you support?  Liverpool FC (through the bad times and hopefully soon some good times!)

What’s your favourite artist/band? I don’t really have one that I can say. Anything easy listening, dance, pop

What filling would you have in a hot Crepe ? Lemon & Sugar, keep it old school!


While interrogating Andrew, we thought it only fair that we asked Clare Campbell, Trustee and Mike Davies, Founder some equally important questions too!

Clare what is your favourite perfume?  Estée Lauder Sensous

Given the choice – a night out or night in?  Night out

Would you rather wear flats or heels?  Heels

What is your favourite film ever?  That’s too difficult …. Bridgett Jones or pretty Woman cliché but true


Mike, If you could drive any car to work everyday what would it be?  A Grey Land Rover Defender, preferably the one stolen from outside Richard Doyles house recently. It would mean he has it back!!

Where is your favourite restaurant?  Brenda’s Café.  Located in our kitchen at home. I dare not say anywhere else!!!

Would you choose a Mint Aero or a Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut?  I would rather have a Snickers, but in a forced choice Fruit and Nut, but only a King Size one.


What more could you need to know about our team?

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing more about who is behind The Principle Trust Children’s Charity and will join us in 2019 to continue to support underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children with respite breaks.

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