How do we make a difference?

Here at The Principle Trust Children’s Charity we often receive letters of thanks from families we’ve helped and the partners we work with. It is these letters that make what we do worthwhile.

We hope to improve the health and well-being of each child and family compared to how they felt before their break. Each situation before their break is different but the impact it has is always positive, particularly having a new opportunity to spend quality time with each other and take away the strain and stress of everyday life.

Since the charity was founded in 2011, we have provided free holidays for over 3,730 underprivileged and disadvantaged children, and over 370 holidays for disabled children

This is just a selection of some of the comments we have received.

Anne and Emily’s Story

Although our usual connections to families are recommended through special partners, occasionally we receive requests direct from families themselves. We received a handwritten letter on A4 paper describing the story of mother, Anne, and seven-year-old Emily. Emily was a model pupil at school and described as carefree and happy with lots of friends and always

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‘The Thompson’ Family Story

We received a request for a holiday via another charity, who explained the circumstances of the Thompson family. The child’s mother cared for her husband, who suffered badly from a painful condition called fibromyalgia. Simultaneously, she worked hard to raise and care for their child, a toddler with complex health problems. Caring for loved ones

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Harvey and George’s story

“Wow what a wonderful week we had at your log cabin. It may just be 15 minutes away from home but it’s just what I needed. I look after my grandson’s full time; one is autistic and in heart failure and will shortly be listed for transplant. The little one has had a tracheotomy, pacemaker,

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Toby’s story

Toby was born full term, due to complications during birth, and his first few months of life, he now suffers from a plethora of life limiting conditions. Toby is a bright, cheerful, playful, and energetic little boy with a lot to deal with. Among other things Toby has been diagnosed with Severe Global Development Delay,

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Mila’s story

Mila has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy with severe dystonia. Mila has silent aspiration and is fed all nutrition via a gastrostomy. When she becomes ill (she is prone to chest infections) the infection can cause a dystonic storm. This can create respiratory distress due to the strength of the spasms in her neck. We have

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Give A Child Their Dreams Back

Making memories that last is our goal. Donate to The Principle Trust and help us to continue to provide free holidays to underprivileged, disadvantaged, and disabled children from across Yorkshire.

Our children’s charity in Skipton gives 100% of every pound raised to our dedicated cause.

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